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Here is the true trade secret.  We all know what we are good at and in many cases we can admit what we are not.  The average small business operating in the fitness industry has a primary focus and in some cases have their blinders on to everything else.  One major key to success in many industries not just fitness is revenue diversification.  You have a product or a service you provide to your book of business or clientele base.  You have access to them via email and they sometimes visit your site or engage in social media.  What if you could monetize that relationship further still without it costing your customer anything.  You can leverage your influence and relationship by providing simple boots on the ground marketing for products and services that are complimentary to your own.  We'd love to talk to you about how to get your piece of the pie.  It’s not complicated at all and can really increase your income.  Here are some links to some of the programs we partner with.  There are publishers and advertisers that play in that game.  Publishers can create a profile submit for approval to promote the products or services that potentially fit their existing clients and earn a referral commission.  Advertisers can create a campaign and leverage an ever growing population of publishers to get their message out there and pay on a per acquisition basis versus pay per click meaning they only pay out when something happens.  It’s an ideal situation for the small business doing the promotion as the publisher as they can participate in business models they can't expand into on their own and the advertisers are gaining strategic partners that can push business to them as the trusted referral.  It’s an amazing business model that has been in existence for many, many years but with so little education or publication on the network capabilities many are still blind to its presence.  Let us show you how to grow your business without increasing cost!

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