Anybody who wants to train needs their cert.  It’s absolutely necessary.  Dependent on what kind of organization you are trying to work for or trying to open will help in deciding which cert you want to get.  We have a couple to choose from that we have built relationships with you will find here.  Don't take our word for it though as each carries weight with regards to who seeks them out and why.  If you are looking for employment some will have a better rank or be accepted by more organizations.  If you are going out on your own others have their advantages.  Remember that if you are going out on your own that you will also need insurance as well that goes above and beyond traditional business liability insurance and is personal training professional specific liability coverage.  Take a look at each of these before starting their programs to be sure you have the best fit for your practice.  

Tribalance Yoga Teacher Certification



Expert Rating


Personal Trainer Certification


American Counsil on Exercise


American Council on Exercise




Advanced Mobile Marketing Certification


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