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There are many ways to change the body.  The most effective is a combination of customized diet and an exercise plan.  Combined, the human body can experience extensive change that can be both rapid and maintainable. There is such a negative connotation to the word diet, but in all reality all diet refers to is a planned consumption regimen.  It’s not always about the lack of consumption.  Obviously the better terminology would be to refer to a meal plan or a healthy "lifestyle" as opposed to the dreaded diet but in fact it’s just a word. Nutrition is the only real element we need worry about and is a case of not just whole food consumption but in many cases the need to use supplementation to obtain both your macro and micro nutrient needs.  Different activity levels also require equally different consumption parameters, basically creating the necessary equation reflecting the difference between input and output or in many cases as it is most popular to speak of weight loss (more specifically fat loss) we need to consider creating the "caloric deficiency".  With that said there are many theories, practices and protocols to consider however the key here is to speak to someone who knows what to do for your specificity before just jumping into something regardless of how good it sounds.  There are all sorts of cheats or quick fixes that exist however rarely, do they have the lasting desired effects.  Talk to a trainer but more importantly, a dietician, a nutritional therapist, a nutritionist, a naturopath or another certified individual who can look at your full picture before going with the suggestion of an acquaintance based on their personal success as they are very different from you in a variety of ways.  On this page you will find several links to nutritional services and supplementation that can help from a variety of approaches.  Feel free to contact us with any questions if necessary.  We are certified nutritional therapists who have extensive experience with all types of goals and starting points.  We also have experience with IgE and IgG sensitivity testing results as well as blood serum level test results in which to make specific recommendations based on what your body is telling you, that you need. In the meantime please come back to this page from time to time as the tools we provide access to will only grow. 


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