The old rule of thumb is people need to see you or your brand in at least 8 different places to start to acknowledge your existence.  Then they need to see you or your brand over and over for the idea of what it is that you do or what your brand represents to sink in to the point they associate your name with your service or product.  Marketing is a huge component to being successful.  The management of your marketing is what makes you efficient.  There are so many mediums in which to convey your message and you need to capitalize on all sorts of media including and not limited to website, print, video, social, signage, location, radio, phone, email and more. We obviously have a dedicated page to website and another to communications however there are so many other means that we needed to create a specific page here as well.  We have some listed service providers below to help with specific forms of marketing.  Obviously budget is a major concern so be sure to weigh each of your options before committing to a campaign.  There is no time like the present to get your name out there.

We can handle your multi platform citation listings directly.  Don't overpay for the best service available.  Many know just how effective it is and try to make it sound overly complicated so they can charge you over $1000 annually or in some cases our competitors charge over $100 monthly.  Visit our website services page to see how we stack up price wise.  You will be pleasantly surprised.  Check out how your business stands today by doing a quick scan.  Getting seen makes a big difference when it comes to new customers and clients looking for exactly what you have to offer.  We can make sure you are everywhere you need to be to capture the most viewers and funnel more business your way.  Scan today to see where you stack up to your competition.

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