Torque Fitness

Group training function won’t benefit your members if the system won’t fit into your space. With Torque, we can create the right functional solution for any sized and shaped space.

Purely functional in nature, X-Lab and X-Rack “Classroom” packages permit group training to be done the way it should be – where all users are doing the same movement at the same time, creating an atmosphere of competitiveness, fostering teamwork, and providing proper instruction. Conversely, X-Series “playground” packages, great for circuit workouts and personal training are available with different unique training units at each station.

With large group or small group configurations to fit against walls, in corners, in a narrow space, a square space or wall-mounted, X-Series has a solution.

Decades of fitness equipment engineering and industry experience go into each Torque design. Along with that and the knowledge gained from thousands of hours of testing and real world use, Torque engineers are aware of what works, what doesn’t, and what owners and members expect in terms of features, quality, and performance.

4-Bar gas-assisted adjustments eliminate side-to-side seat wobble and make one-handed seated adjustments intuitive and easy.

A universal low profile tower height of under 5’ for all machines creates uniformity and clean sight lines. Independent converging and diverging motion provides a natural path of motion and corrects muscle imbalances.

Torque Fitness systems are built to take a beating and keep the centerpiece of your facility looking good for years to come.

Our Storm grey wrinkle textured powder-coat paint is applied 3 times thicker than the industry norm and provides a superior grip.

UHMW wear guards cover everything a shoe will step on, a bar will be slammed into, or a plate will store on.

Kevlar belts and solid steel weight stacks on selectorized machines create a solid and smooth feel and increased life over cable only machines.

Thru-PlateTM construction on all pull-up bars and other structural parts reduces stress on welds and provide an added level of weldment durability. 

With Torque, your workout experience will never be limited by the equipment. Premium materials, precision components, and relentless attention to detail go into every product so you get the most durable, smooth, and rock solid system available.

But what sets Torque apart in the performance category is our continuous development of innovative training stations, like our X-Rack and X-Lab compatible dual handed cable columns that can be used individually for group training or in pairs to be used as a crossover, and the variable resistance and adjustable height endless rope station.

Torque looks at everything and thinks about ways to increase performance and usability. Battle ropes can be looped around almost anything, but our battle rope anchor pole provides storage for two ropes keeping them off the floor, eliminating tripping hazards, and by being able to mount it in a corner or along an edge of a room, it maximizes floor space so any facility can make use of battle ropes.


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