Website Construction

Yup you got it.  We can build websites.  It’s actually one aspect we have been doing since 2006.  Everybody needs one now and we know just how to create an extremely SEO and SEM friendly site.  Not only can we build it for you inexpensively in comparison to our competitors but we can show you how to update, make additions, changes and manage all of your internet marketing in easy step by step instruction.  We have a variety of tools to do this remotely however we love to do this part with you.  Why pay someone to do something and then have to pay them to do it again and again and again.  That’s what they want.  They want residual and ongoing revenue.  I get it but why not learn how to do it all yourself.  They want things to appear overly complicated but in reality it isn't at all, just like anything you need exposure and direction and you can do it all yourself. There are a ton of aspects regarding maximizing your virtual real estate space.  That is exactly what a website is, it is an address after all so why not learn to not only create traffic to your destination but also how to leverage it as much as humanly possible.  We are straight forward with what we can do and we can point you in the best direction to suit your needs.  If you rather go it alone and do it yourself we also completely understand.  Below our pricing menu you will find a list of links to some of the best providers of those services you can subscribe to directly.  Feel free to use the contact page to learn more or ask any questions you may have.  We look forward to helping you in any way we can.

Menu of web services: (all prices are based on our server model)


1) Domain registration $10 annually

2) Hosting $120 annually (includes email and site builder template kit interface)

3) Simple website construction $250 (Typical 5 page necessity)

4) Website construction coaching $250 (Typical 8 hours of total time spent, single full day or in minimum of 2 hour blocks)

5) SEO and SEM coaching $250 (Typical 8 hours of total time spent, single full day or in minimum of 2 hour blocks)

6) Multi-Platform Citation listing service $720 annually (complete submission and dashboard construction)


- Check out how your business stacks up in advance and get a quick scan of your current listing status.



-Inclusive packages

7) #3, #2 & #1 for a combined cost of $300 for first year & then just $100 annually for #1 & #2 ongoing

8) #7 plus #4 for a combined total of $500 for first year & then just $100 annually for #1 & #2 ongoing

9) #8 plus #5 for only $700 for first year & then just $100 annually for #1 & #2 ongoing

10) #9 plus #6 for only $1300 for first year & then just $720 annually for #6, #1 & #2 ongoing


If you are need of budgeting help let us know and we can discuss monthly payment options or financing.


Other services are dependent on scope such as e-commerce and much, much more... Please contact us with any questions!


If you'd rather go it alone here are the services we recommend. 






The Easiest Way to Create a Website.




iPage site builder banner


Simple Site





X-Cart PCI-DSS compliant e-Commerce Software


Blue Host Web Hosting $3.95


Website in 5



Known Host



Deluxe Business Services


Deluxe Web Design


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